Thursday, June 21, 2007


Frank Shamrock will compete in his first bout against a competitive opponent since fighting Tito Ortiz in, what, 1999?

I loved the guy, he was awesome. Totally in shape, one of the first cross-trainers, fought aggressively . . . and then he decided there was no competition for him, just before competition started to take off.

Frankly, I don't think he can hang with top middleweights today, but sadly, there's no way to know how he would be doing if he had continued to compete at the top. Phil Baroni is not a top middleweight, but that's a good thing. Phil has beaten tough guys, he trains with a good team, and he's probably stronger than Shamrock. If Frank manages to beat Phil, he proves he's still a viable commodity, and then I'd be real interested to see him against Franklin, Okami, Silva, Henderson, Filhio, those kind of guys.

Honestly though, after the Renzo performance, I hate to see it, but I see Frank getting straight up Menne'd.

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Adam said...

Frank escaped the Menne fate nicely. Hopefully they give him someone more well rounded next time.

To be honest (I almost said 'Frankly', but I'm not willing to be that cliche) I'd love to see Frank fight Couture. Weight classes are all off at the moment, but it would be a classic battle of the older titans...