Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Sidekick

Will Cung Le be the man to bring the sidekick the respect it deserves? Sherdog's pictures of his fight with Tony Fryklund show Le landing several sidekicks that look like they really have some oomph on them. Almost no one else has used them yet in MMA, but perhaps that's because no one knows how to use them properly. There was also a point at which no one had used a back kick or a spinning kick, and although there has yet to be a proper hook kick knockout, the back kick has shown its effectiveness in several fights.

Maybe soon he'll even whip out the skipping or sliding side kick ala Bruce Lee.

Here's hoping.

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davinmama said...

Aw yeah. FWIW, the side kick is sorta the "secret weapon" for the fighters at my San Da gym. For some reason, Muay Thai has never developed it, and as a result, Thai guys have no answer for side kicks.
One of the top guys at my gym just KO'd a dude for an amateur title (body hook, 4th round) and landed a BUNCH of side kicks to the ribs and face throughout the fight. As my sifu puts it, a good side kick is like "a thunderous jab to the body that they don't see coming".

Oh, and.. heh heh heh. Do a youtube search for "san da wang" and you get a highlight video of San Da guys uncorking some particularly nasty side and back kicks on Thai fighters. I imagine you must have access to some pretty sweet San Da videos over there...